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Re: Deutscher Debian-Installer in Sarge


> > I noticed that you updated Greek po files of Debian-Installer. We
> > recently noticed that such an update is missing for German files as
> > well. packages/po/de.po is up-to-date but not yet used to update
> > packages/anna/debian/po/de.po and other files.
> > 
> > You you please tell us the necessary command and call it once?
> Nothing is needed. The synchronisation script runs 3 times a day, so
> if packages/po/de.po is changed, then all packages debian/po/de.po
> files are updated a few hours later.

Well, it doesn't seem to have worked successful here.

In de the po-files are not completely synced. Example: (from a todays
sarge checkout)

ted@laptop:~/sarge/debian-installer/packages$ grep -r "Debian Installer Komponenten" * 
anna/debian/po/.svn/text-base/de.po.svn-base:msgstr "Debian Installer Komponenten werden geladen"
anna/debian/po/de.po:msgstr "Debian Installer Komponenten werden geladen"

ted@laptop:~/sarge-komplett/debian-installer/packages$ grep -r "Debian-Installer-Komponenten" * 
po/.svn/text-base/de.po.svn-base:msgstr "Debian-Installer-Komponenten werden geladen" 
po/de.po:msgstr "Debian-Installer-Komponenten werden geladen"

The changings (here: add the dashes) are from december 04.


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