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[IMPORTANT] Now possible to switch to the "master file model" in Debian Installer translations

This mail is sent to all Debian translation teams which (I think)
maintain a translation work for Debian Installer.

(sending to teams failed yesterday because of some bad addresses, so I
send it again. The individuals coordinators got the mail. Sorry if
some dupes happen)

It is CC'ed to individuals which I have registered as "coordinators" of
this Debian Installer translation for these languages....in case the
teams would indeed not be involved in D-I translation.

If answering, please keep your own team and myself CC'ed if you need
details or explanations.

As you have probably already read, I have worked during the last weeks
for migrating the current Debian Installer translations to be handled
in a single "master" file.

The principle is very simple :

-you just forget about the current multiple files in package's
debian/po directories in the SVN tree

-you only work on packages/po/lang.po

-all the update magic back and from packages PO file is handled by a
script named l10n-sync which is periodically run on my ssystem (it
will be soon moved to be run on gluck)

Of course, this only affects "first stage" translations. All other
translations are still handled the same way.

Currently Dennis Stampfer D-I translation status pages still refer to
the individual packages files. So, for instance, you cannot pick up
the package/po/xx.po files from his pages. Dennis is still working on
new style pages which will give access to these single master files

The switch is NOT MANDATORY. Working on a single file may seem less
easier to handle for teams and, indeed, everything can currently work
with some teams/translators using the old system and some others using
the new one.

For instance, the french team is currently debating about the most
appropriate system here, and well, the mileage seems to vary..:-)

So, don't hesitate to just tell me your team currently does not wish
to switch. A few teams already did, on their demand (greek,

As soon as I get a GO from you, I can switch your translations to the
new system. DO NOT DO IT YOURSELVES PLEASE. The switch require a few
hacks in order to avoid some side effects on Joey Hess "packages which
need a translation upload" pages.

When it will be done, a packages/po/xx.po file will appear and I will
give you a GO. After this, you will need to update this file and only
this file. Never update single files anymore, otherwise your changes
would be LOST.

In this new file, most of you will find a special kind of "fuzzy"
strings. These will have several different translations for the same
string. This is because that string appears in more than one package
and had a slightly different translation in these packages. You will
thus need to keep only of of those translations, of course...and it
will be dispatched over concerned packages.

As a conclusion, please read this mail carefully and please give me a
GO for your language. Then wait for my own GO.....this may take some
time as I switch the languages one by one, trying to carefully follow
what happens..:-)

Without news from you in 2 weeks, I will consider that I have an
implicit GO and I will switch the translations for your language.

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