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Re: Bug#228486: More info about #228486 / #235759


> What's the point of all this? First, the symbol on the keyboard does
> not necessarily correspond with the character the user wants to use.
> Second, the absence of a character on a keyboard does not indicate
> that it is unimportant. Third, ASCII discriminates against proper
> english typographic quotes as much as german.  Finally, english
> translations also contain an ugly and stupid looking conversion of
> quotes using punctuation characters that have their own seperate
> meaning. It would be nice if everything used proper quotes, but
> stupid-looking quotes aren't the end of the world--english speaking
> users have been living with it for years.

That is not a valid argument. According to you the english 
tranliterations are bad and the users got used to it. We are now in the 
situation where more and more translators take advantage of UTF-8. 
According to you we should follow down that path of bad 
transliterations instead of correcting it from the beginning.

BTW: The bug is marked minor.


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