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Re: Question for proper French strings in clock applet

Quoting Jean-Philippe Guérard (jean-philippe.guerard@tigreraye.org):

> > While the 1st files indeed seems to match the current fr_FR locale, the 
> > 2nd seems much more natural for a French speaker. I think selecting the 
> > "fr2" file would be a much better choice.
> In fact, the French locale seems to use "Jun", "Jui":
> abmon   "jan";"fév";/
>         "mar";"avr";/
>         "mai";"jun";/
>         "jui";"aoû";/

Correct. So, indeed, none of the files is correct..:)

I still prefer fr1 because it sticks with the locale which is
technically easier to defend while "more natural for a French speaker"
is certainly debatable, particularly because 4-letter abbreviations
are a deviation from an accepted standard about what a short name is
(3-letters...in locales).

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