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Re: libphidgets translation

> I made my own German translations. Should I also send these for
> review to -l10n-german? Or can I just trust my mother tongue skillz?
> Anyway, there were three templates anyway, and the file is attached.

What is the very last string ?

> # vim:fileencoding=latin9

I also have an objection to the new template. It will certainly be
seen as debconf abuse by several users, including me..:-)

I would rather put such note in NEWS.Debian.

And, finally, I recommend avoiding the use of "If you choose Yes/No"
in debconf templates as, depending on the debconf interface, there may
be no Yes/No choice at all...:-)

Anyway, I just posted the update for review....please tell me if you
change he templates after the above advices..:-)

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