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Re: libphidgets translation

Quoting martin f krafft (madduck@debian.org):
> Thank you all very much for the debconf translation of libphidgets.
> I have added a template and would thus need it translated too.
> I have a UTF-8 character set, so I guess I can just make the changes
> myself.

Be careful that most fr.po files are ISO-8859-1, however...

I CC Pierre who took care of the original translation. However, it
would be better if you send him the new fr.po file, after changing the
templates, thus with the 2 new untranslated strings.

The translation will need a short review, of course.....

Pierre, are you OK for dealing with this and, say, propose us a
translation in debian-l10n-french during the week-end ?

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