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[cobaco@linux.be: internationalization/translation of Skolelinux (Debian customized for schools)]


dans le groupe de traduction francophone de Debian, nous serions ravis de
vous aider. Si j'ai bien compris, vous avez simplement besoin de relecteurs
natifs pour eviter les bourdes, c'est cela ?

Merci, Mt.

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From: cobaco <cobaco@linux.be>
To: debian-i18n@lists.debian.org
Subject: internationalization/translation of Skolelinux (Debian customized for schools)
Date: Fri, 18 Jul 2003 11:04:30 +0200

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I'm looking for people to help translate Skolelinux to more languages (we 
currently have people from 6 countries, representing 11 languages working on 
Skolelinux). Not counting documentation and website, adding support for a new 
language is only about two hours work.

For those that don't know Skolelinux, here's a short introduction:
Skolelinux is standard debian (woody at the moment), with an easy install 
creating a custom setup for schools. The installation uses debian-installer 
making Skolelinux the major testbed for it. Our installation only asks two 
questions: 1 which language/locale do you want, 2 which profile(s) do you 
want to install on this machine (Main-Server,Workstation, LTSP-server, 

There currently are Skolelinux  developers from 6 countries:
1. Norway, the birthplace of the project. Their team supports 
    all 3 norwegian languages (Nynorsk, Bokmal, and Sami).
2. Belgium. The belgian team supports 3 languages (Dutch, French[1],
    and German[2]).
3. Germany
4. Danmark, supporting Danish
5. Latvia, supporting Latvian
6. Spain, supporting Spanish and Catalan.
7. English is supported by default, but there's no active team.

Any help would be most appreciated. Instructions for adding support for a
new language can be found at http://i18n.skolelinux.no/new-language.html,
and any questions should be directed at either devel@skolelinux.no (the 
international developers mailinglist), the coordinator for your respective 
country (contact info is at http://i18n.skolelinux.no/kontakt.html), or me.
Besides the translation work, we also need you to talk to local schools about  
using Skolelinux, and any help with coding is also helpfull.

[1] the technical side of the french support is done, but we need a native 
speaker to translate the documentation/website.
[2] through the german team

P.S. please CC me as I'm not on the list
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Cheers, cobaco

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