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Re: problems with the translated description...

On Fri, Jul 27, 2001 at 10:34:51PM +0100, Jaime E . Villate wrote:
> On Fri, Jul 27, 2001 at 03:34:38PM -0300, Gustavo Noronha Silva wrote:
> > Em Fri, 27 Jul 2001 19:02:45 +0200
> > I think he wants to know "what if someone sends a GET and doesn't
> > translate the thing?"
> > and: "why can't we choose what descriptions we're going to
> > translate? why is it random?"
> These two problems have been solved in the web-interface method we use for the

this are no problmes, see the other mail..

> or get a random selection to translate
> (http://www.laespiral.org/proyectos/debian-es/bin/traducir)
> if you don like it you just ignored and get another one.

You have this feature with the mailserver to. Don't translate a
description, if you can't translate it, if you have no time, or if you
don't like it, ...

> The web interface has the big advantage that you can see what other people are
> doing and get ideas on how to make your own tranaslations (or even copy+paste
> >from another translation).

If parts already translated, the server send this parts translated to
the server. If you have add the translated source in your
sources.list, you can use the translated description (and cut and
paste from it) on a daily base.

(as example:
# this description is from: db/desc/g/gnome-card-games/0161f1c1b25d938655dbe0a3e55fa317
Description: Gnome card games - Solitaire games (FreeCell, Klondike, Spider, etc)
 Gnome is the "GNU Network Object Model Environment"
 It is a project to build a complete, user-friendly desktop based
 entirely on free software.
 FreeCell + the Aisleriot solitaire games (Camelot, Klondike, Odessa,
 Osmosis, Spider)
Description-pt_BR: <trans>
 O Gnome é o "GNU Network Object Model Environment"
 É um projeto para construir um desktop completo, amigável baseado
 inteiramente em software livre.
> We also have all the descriptions into a single DataBase file.

yes, this is a really pro.

But the translator don't see this and I have a db-api (like save_parts_to_db(),
get_desc_from_db ()). It should move this to better DataBase files
without problemes (hopefully).

> We definitely have to combine this with grisu's mail interface.
> I was hoping to make the scripts available in people.debian.org, but since
> I could not manage to use CGI scripts there, I will keep it in laespiral.org
> for the time being and I will do this weekend an English version that other
> national teams can use.

have you ask the admin team? 

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