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problems with the translated description...


(sorry for the bad english)

The french translators have maybe some problmes and in this mail I
write some comments...

On Fri, Jul 27, 2001 at 09:25:51AM -0400, youssef wrote:
> *What have we to do, if sombody give out 
> his translation?
> *Why can we not choose his translation, on 
> the topic you like?

Sorry, but I don't understand this.

can someone help?

> *Why are the translations not marked with a
> version number?

We don't need a version number.

The server save the description as a whole and all parts of the
description. The server save the email address from the last
translators too.

If a description changed the server send a mail to the last
translators with the 
 old description
 a diff of the description
 the new description and 
 the old translation
Normal the changes are very small and the german translators send the
new translation in 24 hours. 

The server translate only unchanged description or (if he don't find a
translation) unchanged parts/sections. You see we don't need version

I see in debian-french-i10n@l.d.o a mail with a translated description
and the translator was asking for comments. 

You don't need this. (only you have a real problem with the
I have this on my TODO-list:
   all translated description send the server to a second translator
   and this translator can check the spelling. 
With this, every description will check. But now we/you should
translate the description. This is a lot of work and we must start
some time. If we have translated > 50% we can start with this cross

more problems or questions?

PS: if you will start a translation, send a mail to
    grisu-td@auric.debian.org with a subject 'GET 1 fr'

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