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Re: Please review changes DebConf template for package italc

Quoting Justin B Rye (justin.byam.rye@gmail.com):

> > +Template: italc-client/no-such-group
> > +Type: text
> > +_Description: No such group!
> > + The given group does not exist on your system. Please specify the name of
> > + a group that does exist on your system.
> > + .
> > + Try again...
> > +
> There are strict regulations about question marks, but I don't know if
> we've got any rules about exclamation marks and trailing ellipses.  I
> would probably recommend ending with just:
>  Please try again.
> Oh, checking DevRef I see ( that the rule for "Type: text"
> is "This type is now considered obsolete: don't use it."  Maybe it
> should be "Type: error"?

Yes, it should.

I'd otherwise recommend *not* using any exclamation mark. My opinion
is that is makes the wording non-neutral, which should be avoided
(years of scientific publications lead me to always use ultra-neutral

I'd recommend something like:

Template: italc-client/no-such-group
Type: text
_Description: Non-existing group
 The given group does not exist on this system. You should specify an
 already existing group.

(also dropping "your" system" as a constant debian-l10n-english
attempt to unpersonnalize templates)

I would indeed not say "try again" at all as it will be obvious, as
the user will get the "enter group" screen again anyway.

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