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Please review changes DebConf template for package italc

Hi all,

I plan to upload italc 1:2.0.2+dfsg1-1. The package received some changes / additions on the DebConf templates that are used.

Can someone from this list please review those changes? Thank you!

(I hope this is the right way of approaching the i18n workflow.)



diff --git a/debian/italc-client.templates b/debian/italc-client.templates
index 33f7d36..e5e224c 100644
--- a/debian/italc-client.templates
+++ b/debian/italc-client.templates
@@ -153,3 +153,19 @@ _Description: Make iTALC's SSL keys accessible to the role model
  If you skip this step, iTALC SSL keys will only be accessible to the
  super-user "root" and you will have to manually set up file permissions
  on the keys later.
+Template: italc-client/autostart-on-login
+Type: boolean
+Default: false
+_Description: Start the iTALC client on desktop session startup?
+ On each machine controlled via iTALC, the iTALC client applet has to be started
+ after desktop session startup.
+ .
+ With this configuration step, you can configure system-wide to start the iTALC
+ client applet automatically on desktop session startup.
+ .
+ When started, the iTALC client applet will open a TCP/IP listening socket
+ and wait for authorized VNC-like connections from the iTALC master application.
+ .
+ For security reasons, the default is not to start the iTALC client applet
+ automatically.


diff --git a/debian/italc-client.templates b/debian/italc-client.templates
index bd9bf8a..33f7d36 100644
--- a/debian/italc-client.templates
+++ b/debian/italc-client.templates
@@ -135,6 +135,14 @@ _Description: Delete the group that was formerly used for this r
  Please specify whether the old group should be deleted. If unsure,
  keep the formerly used group and manually investigate later.

+Template: italc-client/no-such-group
+Type: text
+_Description: No such group!
+ The given group does not exist on your system. Please specify the name of
+ a group that does exist on your system.
+ .
+ Try again...


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