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Re: Some feedback about OmegaT

First of all: As your language team did not seem as responsible as you would
have appreciated, perhaps you'll have more luck on (1). Or ask *the* l10n/i18n
guy (Christian Perrier) directly (2).

My PO-Editor of choice is Lokalize (KDE). If you don't like bloat, $(your favourite editor) should do. But you should install gettext and at least do

$ info gettext


$ msgfmt --help

>>> You mean the translators list is not the right one for asking about
>>> translation tools? Wow :-)
>>> Anyway, which one do you suggest? I'm only aware of this.
>> this list is used mostly for english text review, not for how to
>> translate.

In other words: it's about translating from en-geek, en-fr, en-de to en-us
(mostly done by one en-gb linguist) for Jon Doe's perception capabilities. And
as most software seems not to be localized this is a very important task.

> If there are no translators¹ here then I'm totally stumped. Where can I
> find them? I know translators are a scarce resource but...

I don't agree with your definition of translator (¹). People dealing with PO
files are: upstream, the package maintainer *and* the translators. First off
all, the developer decides that he wants his software to be translated.
Afterward the dev tags the programs's messages and creates a PO template file (pot). Later the pot file is copied to $(random_language).po by some community
member. And translated, of course. There are different communities: desktop
(e.g. GNOME, KDE), your pet program, $(your favorite distro), GNU/translation
project …


1: debian-i18n@lists.debian.org.
2: bubulle@debian.org

> ¹ Translators: people who deals with PO files.

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