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Re: Review request for apt-listbugs template po file

On Thu, Jul 12, Francesco Poli wrote:

(Sorry, for some reason this never reached me, so I've had to copy

> When I said "template po file", I was referring to the .pot file which
> is generated by xgettext - as described in
> http://www.gnu.org/software/hello/manual/gettext.html#Template
> Maybe it's not the correct name for the file.

Ah!  It probably is - it's just that I know little of gettext (here on
d-l-e I'm mostly dealing with the input to that i18n process), and
the main things we do reviews of are debconf "debian/template" files.

>> [...]
>>> "E: apt Pre-Install-Pkgs is giving me an unknown direction of version "
>>> "change.\n"
>>> msgstr ""
>> Surely there are only a limited number of directions for versions to
>> change in, and if it isn't up or down you'd have to call it impossible?
>> Maybe s/unknown/unexpected/?
> Let me (try to) clarify: this is an error message that apt-listbugs may
> spit out while reading the data sent by the Pre-Install-Pkgs hook.
> This communication should be performed by apt-get or aptitude (or any
> other compatible package manager) according to a given protocol.
> The protocol specifies that the possible values for the "direction of
> version change" field are:
>   "="  which means no version change
>   ">"  which means downgrade
>   "<"  which means upgrade
> When apt-listbugs sees anything else in that field, it displays the
> above error message.
> I did  s/unknown/invalid/
> Do you agree?

It'll have to do, but I think the terminology is potentially
confusing; "=" isn't a "direction of version change", and if the
string it sees is ">>", that isn't an invalid "direction" either.
I suppose ideally I would have hoped for something like
 "E: apt Pre-Install-Pkgs version comparison operator '%s' is invalid.\n"

>>> #: apt-listbugs:416
>>> msgid ""
>>> "****** Exit with an error by force in order to stop the installation. ******"
> So maybe the message should be something like
> " ****** Exiting with an error in order to stop the installation. ******"
> I've applied this change: do you think it's better?


>>> #: lib/apt-listbugs/logic.rb:238
>>> msgid ""
>>> "W: cannot open /dev/tty: running inside su -c \"command\"? switching to non-"
>>> "interactive failure mode, please see /usr/share/doc/apt-listbugs/README."
>>> "Debian.gz"
>>   "W: cannot open /dev/tty - running inside su -c \"command\"? Switching to "
>>   "non-interactive failure mode (see /usr/share/doc/apt-listbugs/README.gz)"
> I like it, thanks!

Ooooops, mind the typo: README^.Debian^.gz!

> And I changed "make <package> pinned" into "pin <package>".
> Do you agree?

Yes, all the rest of this looks good.
JBR	with qualifications in linguistics, experience as a Debian
	sysadmin, and probably no clue about this particular package

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