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Re: Review request for apt-listbugs template po file

Francesco Poli wrote:
> I am planning to send out a call for translation update.
> But before doing so, I would like to have the template po file
> (apt-listbugs.pot) reviewed by native English speakers, since most of
> the previous maintainers and both current maintainers are not
> native speakers.

It's a lot easier to review as an actual templates file, but I don't
see that anywhere (in the source package or in gitweb)... in fact the
contents of apt-listbugs.pot below don't have any strings that look 
like template material.

> Also, it would be nice (but this is optional, and at a lower priority),
> if you could take a look at the README.Debian file [1] and at the man
> page [2].

Probably, but in a separate message.

> What follows is the content of apt-listbugs.pot
> -----------------------------------------------
> "E: apt Pre-Install-Pkgs is giving me an unknown direction of version "
> "change.\n"
> msgstr ""

Surely there are only a limited number of directions for versions to
change in, and if it isn't up or down you'd have to call it impossible?
Maybe s/unknown/unexpected/?

> #: apt-listbugs:416
> msgid ""
> "****** Exit with an error by force in order to stop the installation. ******"
> msgstr ""

Is this saying that apt-listbugs is doing this (in which case
s/Exit/Exiting/) or suggesting that the user should cause it to exit
(in which case it needs to be something like "Force an error in order

> #: lib/apt-listbugs/logic.rb:44
> msgid " -h               : Display this help and exit.\n"
> msgstr ""

By the way, this layout with vertically-aligned colons looks good, so
don't bother changing it, but it's a bit alien to English typography
(where colons never have leading space).

> msgid " -E <title>       : Specifies the title of rss output.\n"

s/rss/RSS/ (here and elsewhere)

> #: lib/apt-listbugs/logic.rb:238
> msgid ""
> "W: cannot open /dev/tty: running inside su -c \"command\"? switching to non-"
> "interactive failure mode, please see /usr/share/doc/apt-listbugs/README."
> "Debian.gz"

Oddly punctuated (and linebreaked).  How about

  "W: cannot open /dev/tty - running inside su -c \"command\"? Switching to "
  "non-interactive failure mode (see /usr/share/doc/apt-listbugs/README.gz)"

> msgid ""
> "     y     - continue the apt installation, but do not make the bugs "
> "ignored.\n"

"Make ignored", "make pinned" etc (throughout) are a bit odd.  Maybe
"mark the bugs as ignored"?

> msgid ""
> "%s pinned by adding Pin preferences in /etc/apt/preferences. You need to "
> "restart apt to enable"
> msgstr ""

I don't quite understand this.  Is it announcing that apt-listbugs has
added text to /etc/apt/preferences?  Or noticing that the sysadmin has?

And whenever it says "You need to restart apt to enable", that should
just be something like "Restart APT session to enable" (users don't
directly invoke anything called "apt").
JBR	with qualifications in linguistics, experience as a Debian
	sysadmin, and probably no clue about this particular package

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