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Re: Review request for apt-listbugs template po file

On Thu, 12 Jul 2012 10:44:46 +0100 Justin B Rye wrote:

> Francesco Poli wrote:
> > I am planning to send out a call for translation update.
> > But before doing so, I would like to have the template po file
> > (apt-listbugs.pot) reviewed by native English speakers, since most of
> > the previous maintainers and both current maintainers are not
> > native speakers.

Hello Justin,
first of all, let me say that I greatly appreciate your very complete
and fast reviews!
Thanks a lot for your help and contribution!

> It's a lot easier to review as an actual templates file, but I don't
> see that anywhere (in the source package or in gitweb)... in fact the
> contents of apt-listbugs.pot below don't have any strings that look 
> like template material.

Maybe there's some misunderstanding going on, which is probably my
fault since I am new to i18n and l10n practices.

When I said "template po file", I was referring to the .pot file which
is generated by xgettext - as described in
Maybe it's not the correct name for the file.
Anyway, I was talking about the equivalent for apt-listbugs of, say,

Is it clearer now?

Regarding its presence in the source package or in the git repository,
I thought it was not recommended to include it there, since it may be
easily re-generated with xgettext.
Actually, when I adopted apt-listbugs, the "update-po" target was
already present in the Makefile and everything was already set up so
that the apt-listbugs.pot is excluded from the git repository and from
the source package.
I assumed this was the Right Way™...
Was I wrong?

> > Also, it would be nice (but this is optional, and at a lower priority),
> > if you could take a look at the README.Debian file [1] and at the man
> > page [2].
> Probably, but in a separate message.

Great, I have already received your other two replies: I will study
them soon!   :-)

> > What follows is the content of apt-listbugs.pot
> > -----------------------------------------------
> [...]
> > "E: apt Pre-Install-Pkgs is giving me an unknown direction of version "
> > "change.\n"
> > msgstr ""
> Surely there are only a limited number of directions for versions to
> change in, and if it isn't up or down you'd have to call it impossible?
> Maybe s/unknown/unexpected/?

Let me (try to) clarify: this is an error message that apt-listbugs may
spit out while reading the data sent by the Pre-Install-Pkgs hook.
This communication should be performed by apt-get or aptitude (or any
other compatible package manager) according to a given protocol.
The protocol specifies that the possible values for the "direction of
version change" field are:

  "="  which means no version change
  ">"  which means downgrade
  "<"  which means upgrade

When apt-listbugs sees anything else in that field, it displays the
above error message.

I did  s/unknown/invalid/
Do you agree?

> > 
> > #: apt-listbugs:416
> > msgid ""
> > "****** Exit with an error by force in order to stop the installation. ******"
> > msgstr ""
> Is this saying that apt-listbugs is doing this (in which case
> s/Exit/Exiting/) or suggesting that the user should cause it to exit
> (in which case it needs to be something like "Force an error in order
> to...")?

It's saying that apt-listbugs is exiting with a non-zero status, so
that apt-get or aptitude (or other package manager) will see an
unsuccessful hook command execution and stop the
installation/upgrade/downgrade/... whatever was being performed.

So maybe the message should be something like

" ****** Exiting with an error in order to stop the installation. ******"

I've applied this change: do you think it's better?

> > #: lib/apt-listbugs/logic.rb:44
> > msgid " -h               : Display this help and exit.\n"
> > msgstr ""
> By the way, this layout with vertically-aligned colons looks good, so
> don't bother changing it, but it's a bit alien to English typography
> (where colons never have leading space).

Thanks for the explanation, I will try to take that into account in
other contexts...

> [...]
> > msgid " -E <title>       : Specifies the title of rss output.\n"
> s/rss/RSS/ (here and elsewhere)

Fixed, thanks!

> [...]
> > #: lib/apt-listbugs/logic.rb:238
> > msgid ""
> > "W: cannot open /dev/tty: running inside su -c \"command\"? switching to non-"
> > "interactive failure mode, please see /usr/share/doc/apt-listbugs/README."
> > "Debian.gz"
> Oddly punctuated (and linebreaked).

The linebreaking is automatically performed by xgettext, but the odd
punctuation is all mine!   ;-)

>  How about
>   "W: cannot open /dev/tty - running inside su -c \"command\"? Switching to "
>   "non-interactive failure mode (see /usr/share/doc/apt-listbugs/README.gz)"

I like it, thanks!

> [...]
> > msgid ""
> > "     y     - continue the apt installation, but do not make the bugs "
> > "ignored.\n"
> "Make ignored", "make pinned" etc (throughout) are a bit odd.  Maybe
> "mark the bugs as ignored"?

Yes, definitely!
Thanks a lot.

And I changed "make <package> pinned" into "pin <package>".
Do you agree?

> [...]
> > msgid ""
> > "%s pinned by adding Pin preferences in /etc/apt/preferences. You need to "
> > "restart apt to enable"
> > msgstr ""
> I don't quite understand this.  Is it announcing that apt-listbugs has
> added text to /etc/apt/preferences?

That's why it says "%s pinned", rather than "please pin %s".
Is this wrong?

>  Or noticing that the sysadmin has?
> And whenever it says "You need to restart apt to enable", that should
> just be something like "Restart APT session to enable" (users don't
> directly invoke anything called "apt").

You are right, I've just modified the four strings as follows:

#: lib/apt-listbugs/logic.rb:476
msgid " p <pkg..> - make pkgs pinned: need to restart apt to enable.\n"
msgstr ""


" p <pkg..> - pin pkgs (restart APT session to enable).\n"

#: lib/apt-listbugs/logic.rb:477
msgid " p         - make all the above pkgs pinned: need to restart.\n"
msgstr ""


" p         - pin all the above pkgs (restart APT session to enable).\n"

#: lib/apt-listbugs/logic.rb:517
#, python-format
msgid ""
"%s pinned by adding Pin preferences in /etc/apt/preferences. You need to "
"restart apt to enable"
msgstr ""


"%s pinned by adding Pin preferences in /etc/apt/preferences. Restart APT session to enable"

#: lib/apt-listbugs/logic.rb:530
#, python-format
msgid "%s held: you need to restart apt to enable"
msgstr ""


"%s held. Restart APT session to enable"

I hope that this is more or less what you meant.
Thanks again for your kind help!

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