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Re: Proposed new debconf template for docbookwiki

Christian PERRIER wrote:

> However, here, the wording seem to suggest you're first testing
> whether displaying the warning is relevant. *then only* you display
> the note.
> This is not necessarily Evil, indeed. What is Evil and kills kittens
> are note that basically say "This package should be configured. Please
> read README.Debian".

Surely the best thing would be to replace it with a note that
basically says

	This system contains a database for web notes from an earlier
	version of DocBookWiki. Web notes are no longer supported in the
	current version.  For instructions on how to remove this
	database (now or later), please see README.Debian.


Would it be possible to use dbconfig opportunistically if it is
present on upgrade (preinst) and purge (postrm)?

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