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Proposed new debconf template for docbookwiki

Thanks for your recent work in reviewing the docbookwiki package templates, for which translations are now still streaming in.  I'm about to make a change which will mean another text to translate (sorry!).  It's been suggested by the upstream developer (though there is no Debian bug for this) that since MySQL is no longer used by docbookwiki, it is too much overhead to depend on dbconfig just for removal of the old database on purge.

So I'm proposing to add this message if the old database is found when installing:

Template: docbookwiki/webnotes_warning
Type: note
_Description: Web notes are no longer supported
 Your system contains a database for Web notes, from an earlier version of
 DocBook Wiki.  These are no longer supported in the current version.  If
 you wish to remove the existing database, either now or when later purging
 this package, you may do so by issuing the following command and typing the
 password for the administrative user of MySQL:
 echo "drop database webnotes" | mysql -uroot -p

Can you please review this for style, or alternatively if anyone strongly disagrees with this approach of dropping dbconfig for removal of the old database, let me know.


Jeremy Malcolm PhD LLB (Hons) B Com
Internet and Open Source lawyer, consumer advocate, geek
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