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Re: package description : cocot

Thank your for your comment.

On Wed, 7 Apr 2010 13:15:19 +0100
Justin B Rye <jbr@edlug.org.uk> wrote:

> Yukiharu Yabuki wrote:
> > I would like to get comments for cocot. I am making the package.
> > Before send ITP, I would like to correct descption.
> (I'm Ccing you instead of assuming you're subscribed; apologies if
> this is unwelcome.)
> > Description: Encode converter between tty and process
> >  This program convert encode between tty and process.
> >  Usually the program cooperate with ssh or telnet.
> >  cocot was made from shortened word of 'COde COnverter on Tty'.
> > .
> >  If you have accouns twhich are different encode in same language,
> >  this package is what you need.
> That would at least be enough to stop people installing it on the
> assumption that it's a Customer Owned Coin Operated Telephone.  But
> when you say "encode" the term you're looking for is "encoding" (or
> strictly speaking "character encoding").

Thanks. I got character encoding would be better.

> It sounds as if the idea is that you'd run "cocot ssh example.org",
> and it would act as a wrapper translating the output of remote
> commands into your local iso-2022-jp.  Let me know if I'm getting it
> wrong...

Exactly, you are right. see also below Ascii Art Picture.

>   Description: terminal encoding converter
>    This program translates character encodings between a TTY and
>    some process such as ssh or telnet. The name "cocot" is an
>    abbreviation of "COde COnverter on Tty".
>    .
>    If you have accounts which use different encodings in the same
>    language, this package is what you need.
> It would be helpful if you would describe that scenario in more
> detail.  If I'm using en_US.iso88591 locally and en_US.utf8 on the
> remote host, what will cocot show in place of symbols like “€”?
> What goes wrong if the remote locale isn't "the same language"?

Japanese has 4 character encoding. 
There are Shift-JIS(Mirosoft friendly),
EUC-JP, UTF8 and ISO-2022-JP(a.k.a JIS). In recently debian system
uses UTF8. but some survivied legacy debian system still use EUC-JP.

Terminal(putty) ---- Machine A(EUC-JP) -+--- Machine 01(EUC-JP)
                     ssh(gate keeper)   |
                                        +--- Machine 02(SJIS)
                                        +--- Machine 03(UTF8)
                                        +--- Machine 04(ISO-2022-JP)

> Does it have any connection to utilities like "luit" (in x11-utils)?
Sorry I don't know. I have just look luit. I'll ask author.
cocot came from cygwin environment. 

Yukiharu Yabuki (矢吹幸治)                      I use Debian GNU/Linux
mail: yabuki@netfort.gr.jp

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