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Re: package description : cocot


Yukiharu Yabuki wrote:

> I would like to get comments for cocot. I am making the package.
> Before send ITP, I would like to correct descption.

Thanks for doing this.

> Description: Encode converter between tty and process
>  This program convert encode between tty and process.
>  Usually the program cooperate with ssh or telnet.
>  cocot was made from shortened word of 'COde COnverter on Tty'.

How does the package compare to luit from x11-utils?

I have occasionally wanted to use a program that expects a UTF-8
terminal on a latin1 terminal, which is the opposite of what luit
does.  Would cocot help me?

More generally, I think it would be useful to indicate roughly which
encodings would be supported on the application side and on the
terminal side.  From the web site [1] I see that it supports using a
terminal supporting the CP932 encoding to run programs that expect to
be able to use EUC-JP and that Unicode support was at some point a
work in progress.


[1] http://vmi.jp/software/cygwin/cocot.html

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