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Re: [RFR] templates://sinfo/{sinfo.templates}

Quoting Esko Arajärvi (edu@iki.fi):

>  Default: false
> -_Description: Enable the CGI interface to sinfo?
> - Sinfo includes a CGI-script which provides a web-interface
> - to sinfo. The CGI-script may publish information about
> - your computer you don't want to make available to the public.
> +_Description: Enable the sinfo CGI interface?
> + The sinfo package includes a CGI script web interface for sinfo. It is
> + disabled by default as it might publish information the computer not
> + intended to be public.

Missing a word? "about the computer"

What's "not intended to be public is the information" so having "the
computer next to it is confusing.

"It is disabled by default in order to avoid information disclosure
about this computer."

>   Sinfo is a monitoring tool that uses network broadcasts to distribute
> - information about the status of a cluster node on your local network. It
> + information about the status of cluster nodes on your local network. It

s/your/the: unpersonnalize

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