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Re: [RFR] templates://moon-buggy/moon-buggy.templates, moon-buggy-esd.templates

Quoting Christian T. Steigies (cts@debian.org):

> Well, its been a while. It should affect only people who upgraded from very
> old versions of moon-buggy, since what, 8 years, it uses a different format,
> a different location. Sometimes I wonder if it is still worth the effort
> just in case somebody suddenly wants to upgrade a pre-2000 system to a
> current moon-buggy version.

Oh, certainly not.

N+2 upgrades are not supported (i.e. it is not supported to upgrade
from etch to squeez without uprading to lenny first).

So, if that part of the config script...and the relevant debconf
template....deals with very old versions, it should just be dropped. I
didn't notice that.

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