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Re: [ITR] templates://gpsd/{gpsd.templates}

Justin B Rye wrote:
> Bernd Zeimetz wrote:
>> Justin B Rye wrote:
>>> Now it sounds as if you're saying that autostarting _isn't_
>>> necessary for USB autodetection.
>> It is necessary to have a running gpsd for USB autodetection.
> That is, accepting the autostart option _isn't_ necessary.  Thank
> you.  So correct the template:
>  - _Description: Start gpsd automatically on boot?
>  -  Necessary for USB autodetection, but it also might be appropriate if the
>  -  GPS receiver is permanently attached to this computer. Alternatively it
>  -  can be started by running gpsd(8) manually.
>  + _Description: Start gpsd automatically?
>  +  If you accept this option, gpsd will be started automatically.
>  +  Autodetection of USB GPS devices requires a running gpsd.

Makes sense, template fixed.

Thanks again!


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