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[TAF] templates://freevo/{freevo.templates}

The freevo package introduced new or modified debconf
templates. This is the perfect moment for a review to help the package
maintainer following the general suggested writing style and track
down typos and errors in the use of English language.

If someone wants to pick up this review, please answer to this mail,
in the mailing list, with an [ITR] (Intent To Review) label.

The templates file is attached.

To propose the file you reviewed for peer review, please send a [RFR]
(Request For Review) mail with the reviewed file attached...then a few
days later, when no more contributions come, a summary mail with a
[LCFC] (Last Chance For Comments) label.

Finally, after no more comments coming to the LCFC mail, you can send
the reviewed templates file as a bug report against the package.

Then, please notify the list with a last mail using a [BTS] label
with the bug number.

Helping the package maintainer to deal with induced translation
updates at that moment will be nice. If you're not comfortable with
that part of the process, please hand it off to a translator.


Template: freevo/display
Type: select
_Choices: x11, fbdev, dxr3, mga, directfb, dfbmga, dga
_Description: Video output:

Template: freevo/geometry
Type: select
_Choices: 1920x1080, 1280x720, 800x600, 768x576, 640x480
_Description: Output resolution:
 Choose the resolution to display Freevo at. Most CRT televisions
 should be configured as 768x576 (NTSC or PAL). Newer HD televisions
 use 1280x720, and FullHD uses 1920x1080.

Template: freevo/norm
Type: select
_Choices: ntsc, pal, secam
_Description: TV Standard:
 Please choose your TV standard. North Americans should choose NTSC, most
 Europeans will choose PAL.

Template: freevo/chanlist
Type: select
_Choices: us-bcast, us-cable, us-cable-hrc, japan-bcast, japan-cable, europe-west, europe-east, italy, newzealand, australia, ireland, france, china-bcast, southafrica, argentina
_Description: Channel List:
 Set the channel list (set of tuning frequencies) that most closely matches

Template: freevo/title_video
_Default: Video folder
Type: string
_Description: Title of video folder:
 Set a title for the video folder. This will displayed by freevo in overview.

Template: freevo/path_to_video
_Default: /home/freevo/video
Type: string
_Description: Path to videos:
 Set the path to the video folder. Note: A absolute path is required.

Template: freevo/title_audio
_Default: Audio folder
Type: string
_Description: Title of audio folder:
 Set a title for the audio folder. This will displayed by freevo in overview.

Template: freevo/path_to_audio
_Default: /home/freevo/audio
Type: string
_Description: Path to audio folder:
 Set the path to the audio folder. Note: A absolute path is required.

Template: freevo/title_image
_Default: Image folder
Type: string
_Description: Title of image folder:
 Set a title for the image folder. This will displayed by freevo in overview.

Template: freevo/path_to_image
_Default: /home/freevo/image
Type: string
_Description: Path to image folder:
 Set the path to the image folder. Note: A absolute path is required.

Template: freevo/path_to_recordings
_Default: /home/freevo/recordings
Type: string
_Description: Path to recorded video folder:
 Set the path to the recordings folder. Note: A absolute path is required.

Template: freevo/start_on_boot
Type: note
_Description: Start during boot
 Freevo can be started automatically at boot time (inside a dedicated xserver). Also web, encoding, rss and record server can be start automatically on bootup.

Template: freevo/services
Type: multiselect
_Choices: xserver, recordserver, encodingserver, webserver, rssserver
_Default: xserver, recordserver, encodingserver
_Description: Services to start during boot:
 Choose the services you wish to start on boot.
Source: freevo
Section: video
Priority: optional
Maintainer: Freevo Debian Dream Team <pkg-freevo-maint@lists.alioth.debian.org>
Uploaders: Georg W. Leonhardt <leonhardt@geole.info>, A Mennucc1 <mennucc1@debian.org>
Build-Depends-Indep: po-debconf
Build-Depends: cdbs (>= 0.4.48), python-all-dev (>= 2.5), python-central (>= 0.5), debhelper (>= 5.0.38), quilt, docbook
XS-Python-Version: >= 2.5
Vcs-Svn: svn://svn.debian.org/svn/pkg-freevo/freevo/
Vcs-Browser: http://svn.debian.org/wsvn/pkg-freevo/freevo/
Homepage: http://freevo.org/

Package: freevo
Architecture: all
XB-Python-Version: ${python:Versions}
Depends: ${python:Depends},  python-freevo (= ${binary:Version}), freevo-data (= ${binary:Version}),  mplayer, lsdvd, console-tools | kbd, debconf, adduser
Recommends: cdparanoia, xine-ui, xmltv-util, libxmltv-perl
Suggests: mencoder, libdvdcss2, lame, ttf-liberation | ttf-mscorefonts-installer, fbxine, flac, vorbis-tools, fbset, matrox-tools, nvram-wakeup
Description: A Python based PVR/DVR Framework for Music and Movies
 Freevo is an open-source home theatre PC platform based
 on Linux and a number of open-source audio/video tools.
 MPlayer and/or Xine can be used to play audio and video
 files in most popular formats. Freevo can be used both
 for a standalone PVR computer with a TV+remote,
 as well as on a regular desktop computer using the monitor and keyboard.

Package: python-freevo
Architecture: all
Section: python
XB-Python-Version: ${python:Versions}
Depends:  python (>= 2.5), ${python:Depends},  python-alsaaudio, python-libxml2, python-beautifulsoup (>= 3.0.1), python-kaa-imlib2 (>= 0.2.2), python-kaa-metadata (>= 0.7.1), python-kaa-base (>= 0.4.0), python-elementtree, python-pygame (>> 1.7.1release-4.1+b1), python-imaging, python-twisted (>= 2.5.0), python-sqlite, python-xml
Description: Python modules for Freevo
 This package contains Python modules for Freevo

Package: freevo-data
Architecture: all
Recommends: freevo (= ${binary:Version})
Depends: ttf-dejavu | ttf-bitstream-vera
Conflicts: freevo-media, freevo-common (<< 1.8.0rc2)
Description: Themes and non-application data for Freevo
 This package contains themes, fonts and other non-application data
 for Freevo.

Package: freevo-lirc
Architecture: all
Depends: freevo (= ${binary:Version}), python-pylirc, lirc
Description: Lirc control for Freevo
 This package add lirc support for Freevo.

Package: freevo-doc
Section: doc
Architecture: all
Recommends: freevo
Description: Documentation for Freevo
 This package contains documentation files for Freevo.

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