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Re: debian/control description text review for udav package

Hi Justin, and all

On Sun, May 03, 2009 at 04:04:12PM +0100, Justin B Rye wrote:
> Salvatore Bonaccorso wrote:
> > I firstly picked the wrong list to ask this review request. Please
> > keep me in Cc.
> Okay.  (Trying again; every now and then one of my messages to
> lists.debian.org seems to vanish...)
> > Source: udav
> [...]
> > Description: data visualization based on MathGL
> That's got all the right grammatical features, but doesn't fit the
> "template" - it's not a description of what udav _is_.  I'd suggest:
>   Description: data visualization application based on MathGL
> Or would it be better to call it an "environment"?

I think "data visualization application" would be ok., but the "data
vizualisation" is done based on MathGL. If I say "data visualization
application based on MathGL", would it state correctly, that the
visualization is done based on the MathGL library?

> >  UDAV is cross-platform program for data arrays visualization
> >  based on MathGL library. It support wide spectrum of
> >  graphics, simple script language and visual data handling and
> >  editing. It has window interface for data viewing, changing
> >  and plotting. Also it can execute MGL scripts, setup and
> >  rotate graphics and so on. MathGL is a free library of fast 
> >  C++ routines for the plotting
> I see a few minor grammar problems, but I'll fix them in passing.
> The advert for MathGL, and the selling points of being free and
> cross-platform, are appropriate on a homepage, but rather useless
> here.  And I can't tell whether the "simple script language" and the
> M(ath)GL scripting are talking about the same thing.
> Oh, the name means Unguessable-first-word Data Array Visualization?
> Make that easier to spot.
> What does it mean when it says it can "setup graphics"?
> Chopping it up a bit more than strictly necessary I get:
>   UDAV provides a graphical environment for Data Array Visualization based
>   on the MathGL library. It allows easy viewing, manipulation and plotting
>   of datasets, and supports a wide range of graphical effects with a simple
>   scripting language. It can also execute MathGL scripts. Features include:

I can take this suggestion for the long description part. I'm not sure
on the last sentence, if I really should write It can also execute
MathGL scripts, since the scripting language is called MGL scripting

> You said that.  "Spectrum" is probably worth avoiding, and you mean
> a range of effects, not just lots of different images - I've changed
> it above to "a wide range of graphical effects", but here I'd drop
> it.


> [...]
> So that's:
>  * Simple and fast plotting of data and formulas;
>  * One-click interface - just open the datafile in UDAV;
>  * Scripts and graphical output both shown at the same time;
>  * Rotate, pan, and zoom controls (via buttons or mouse);
>  * Toggleable lighting and transparency;
>  * GIF Animation;
>  * Support for smoothed lighting, transparency, arbitrary curvilinear
>    coordinates, and TeX symbols and formulas;
>  * Tables for data editing, with support for 3-dimensional arrays;
>  * Basic toolset for data handling (smoothing, resizing, cropping,
>    filling by formula, summation, differentiation, histogram creation,
>    and so on);
>  * Export to bitmap and vector formats (PNG, JPEG, EPS, or SVG).

so at the end thanks for your suggestion. 
> > .B udav
> > .RI [ file(s) ] 
> Seems fair enough, under the circumstances, except that I'm used to
> seeing that "zero or more arguments" thing as:
>   .RI [FILE]...

I have allready changed this. Thanks :-)

Bests and thanks for your time invested

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