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Re: debian/control description text review for udav package

>>   Description: data visualization application based on MathGL
>> Or would it be better to call it an "environment"?
> I think "data visualization application" would be ok., but the "data
> vizualisation" is done based on MathGL. If I say "data visualization
> application based on MathGL", would it state correctly, that the
> visualization is done based on the MathGL library?

You could say:
   Description: application for data visualization based on MathGL
or just change it to:
   Description: data visualization application using MathGL

>> The advert for MathGL, and the selling points of being free and
>> cross-platform, are appropriate on a homepage, but rather useless
>> here.  And I can't tell whether the "simple script language" and the
>> M(ath)GL scripting are talking about the same thing.
>>   UDAV provides a graphical environment for Data Array Visualization based
>>   on the MathGL library. It allows easy viewing, manipulation and plotting
>>   of datasets, and supports a wide range of graphical effects with a simple
>>   scripting language. It can also execute MathGL scripts. Features include:
> I can take this suggestion for the long description part. I'm not sure
> on the last sentence, if I really should write It can also execute
> MathGL scripts, since the scripting language is called MGL scripting
> language.

So they're _three_ different things!?  Or is it:

     [...], and supports a wide range of graphical effects with a simple
     scripting language, MGL. Features include:

>> [...]
>> So that's:
>>  * Simple and fast plotting of data and formulas;
>>  * One-click interface - just open the datafile in UDAV;
>>  * Scripts and graphical output both shown at the same time;
>>  * Rotate, pan, and zoom controls (via buttons or mouse);
>>  * Toggleable lighting and transparency;
>>  * GIF Animation;
Why did I capitalise "Animation"?
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