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Re: Bug#513626: Improved configuration for DynDNS users

Quoting Dan McCombs (dmccombs@dyndns.com):

> One thought I had as far as the ddclient/fetchhosts template.  Is it bad
> practice at all to capitalize the choices in that template?  Instead of
> "from list" and "manually" using "From list" and "Manually"?

Not bad practice for sure....and even something I would recommend as
this makes the choices list look nicer on all interfaces.

This is a change I never do in existing templates as it would
recommend modifying maintainer scripts as well *and* handle the
transition from former choices spelling..... Of course, on new
templates, there is no such problem.

> Aside from that if no one else has issues on the current templates, I'll
> update the ddclient patch with those changes along with some code
> changes to support the template changes and submit that back to the
> original bug ticket.

Seems good.

Then I would adive Torsten to issue a call for translation updates
after adding the new templates so that translators have a chance to
re-complete their work before the release of the package.

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