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Re: Bug#513626: Improved configuration for DynDNS users

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Hello All,

Here's an updated .diff of the ddclient templates file with the proposed
changes.  I believe I've included all the suggestions mentioned so far,
but let me know if I have missed anything.

Take care,

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Dan McCombs
Dynamic Network Services, Inc.
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--- /home/dmccombs/temp/ddclient-3.7.3/debian/ddclient.templates	2009-02-11 08:56:31.000000000 -0500
+++ ddclient.templates	2009-02-11 08:54:00.000000000 -0500
@@ -38,6 +38,14 @@
 _Description: Password for dynamic DNS service:
  Enter the password you use to log into the dynamic DNS service.
+Template: ddclient/checkip
+Type: boolean
+Default: true
+_Description: Find public IP using checkip.dyndns.com?
+ Please choose whether ddclient should try to find the IP address
+ of this machine via the DynDNS web interface.  This is recommended
+ for machines that are using Network Address Translation.
 Template: ddclient/interface
 Type: string
 _Description: Interface used for dynamic DNS service:
@@ -73,3 +81,32 @@
  this. Maybe you modified the configuration file manually, thus it won't
  be modified. If you want a new config file to be created, please run
  "dpkg-reconfigure ddclient".
+Template: ddclient/fetchhosts
+Type: select
+Default: from list
+Choices: from list, manually
+_Description: Selection method for updated names:
+ You'll have to select which host names to update using ddclient.  You can
+ select host names to update from a list (taken from your DynDNS account)
+ or enter them manually.
+Template: ddclient/hostslist
+Type: multiselect
+Choices: ${choices}
+_Description: Host names to keep updated:
+ The list of host names managed via your DynDNS account has been downloaded.
+ Please choose the one(s) for which ddclient should be used to keep IP address
+ records up to date.
+Template: ddclient/blankhostslist
+Type: error
+_Description: Empty host list
+ The list of host names managed under your account is empty when retrieved
+ from the dynamic DNS service website.
+ .
+ You may have provided an incorrect username or password, or the online account
+ may have no host names configured.
+ .
+ Please check your account to be sure you have host names configured, then run
+ "dpkg-reconfigure ddclient" to input your username and password again.

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