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Re: [ITR] templates://rtpg/{rtpg-www.templates}

Quoting Dmitry E. Oboukhov (dimka@avanto.org):
> My English is rather poor.  I'll be very glad if somebody corrects  my
> mistakes in rtpg and translate it into other languages.  I would  like
> to pay your attention that rtpg interface may be also translated  into
> other languages using usual po-files.  The  template  for  translation
> lies in  po/TEMPLATE.pot file.

This is the point. Fixing English *before* calling for translations is
the right order of things.

Actually, we encourage maintainers to ask themselves for the review
and then call for translations....but this is often omitted or
forgotten...or not known..:-)

If you look at the entire mail I sent, the review process *will* include
a call for translations as well. You'll have nothing to do but wait
for the final summary mail.

The entire process is fairly long (several weeks) so don't be
surprised to receve news only from time to time...

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