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Re: [RFR] templates://rtpg/{rtpg-www.templates}

Quoting Dmitry E. Oboukhov (dimka@avanto.org):
> I uploaded the package with your patch :)
> Thanks for your work :)

This is definitely *not* what was expected..:-)

The mail you got is a Request for Review, sent on
debian-l10n-english. I'm waiting for comments from other contributors
of the mailing list.

Then, after a "sufficient" delay, I'll send a "Last Chance For
Comments" mail to the mailing list with the status of the reviewed

Then, I will send a bug report against your package. This is meant to
leave you a chance to comment on the changes proposed during the

Then I send a call for translations to debian-i18n, as well as a call
to update existing translations if there are some.

Then after a "sufficient" delay (about 10 days), I send a reminder to
translators to tell them they have 2 days left.

Then, *finally*, I send a big patch with the changes *and* the
new/updates translations to the original bug report.

As you see this takes time...a lot of time...but this is what has
proven to be adapted during the dozens of reviews that happened
between etch and lenny.

And all this is, IIRC, explained in the initial mail you got...:)

So, well, your upload is not a problem per se but it could make the
work a little bit more complicated.

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