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More reviews in debian-l10n-english? (was: Re: wml://News/weekly/2008/04/index.wml)

(after Thomas bringed the issue of typos in a news entry)

Quoting Alexander Schmehl (tolimar@debian.org):
> Hi Thomas!
> Thomas Péteul schrieb:
> > While translating the latest DPN to French, I found out a few little
> > mistakes.
> Many thanks!  I applied the patch; should be online soon.

...which brings me to: could such documents be sent for review on
debian-l10n-english before publication?

Certainly, I don't promise anything in name of the "English l10n team": 

-first I don't pretend being any "leader" for that team. I just did my
best to promote the work of a few volunteers who want to help
improving the use of English in Debian communication with its users.

-second, there are currently very few contributors in dle, so it is
likely that some calls for review remain unanswered....but that could
help creating a momentum and attract more volunteers (I'm particularly
thinking about users who have English as native language and are
wondering where they could help without having technical skills)

Most of Debian communication texts are carefully written and are using
good English (much better than mine) but I hope this mailing list to
become, some day, the kitchen were Debian communication is finally
cooked after the chefs in debian-publicity or any other Debian public
relation medium have bringed the recipe to cook....

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