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Re: Bug#428159: [BTS] templates://mantis/{templates} #428159

Christian Perrier wrote:
>> _Description: Configure Apache2 as your web server?
> I'm not fond of *your* webserver. It's also not completely obvious
> that the question stands for configuring Apache2 for being used *with
> Mantis* and not a general question about setting Apache up (which
> might be confusing if Mantis is installed along with other packages).
> I'd go for "Configure Apache2 as webserver for Mantis?"

This raises the issue of whether we're standardising on webserver,
web-server or web server.  I've been following Apache2's short
description, which treats it as two words.
>>  A pre-existing Apache2 installation can automatically be configured
>>  to use Mantis by creating links in /etc/apache2/conf.d/. Select
>>  true if you would like Apache2 configured for you. If you select
>>  false, a web server will not be configured during this installation
>>  process and you will have to preform this task yourself.
> Don't use "select true" or "select false". Depending on the debconf
> interface, the user may be prompted with somethign else.
> "Choose this option if you would like...."
> "If you don't choose this option, no web server will be configured..."

Here's the version I was considering:

  _Description: Configure Apache2 as web server for $WEBAPP?
   If you accept this option Apache2 will automatically be configured to
   support $WEBAPP via /etc/apache2/conf.d/ symlinks.  If you reject it,
   you will have to configure your web server manually.

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