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Re: [BTS] templates://mantis/{templates} #428159

On (14/06/07 16:40), Kevin Coyner wrote:
> I haven't made the call for translations yet because we're still
> exchanging e-mails with the maintainer about how to structure the
> stanza related to the web server. I'd like to see this resolved
> before asking for the translations.
> Patrick, are you comfortable with something like I proposed earlier
> (see below). If not, could you please send me what you'd like to see
> it changed to?
> Thanks, Kevin
> --------------------------
> Template: mantis/webserver
> Type: multiselect
> _Choices: apache2, apache, apache-ssl, apache-perl, other

Isn't apache 1 on it's way out of the archive now? That would seem to
make this template a little defunct.



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