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Re: Bug#428159: [BTS] templates://mantis/{templates} #428159

> I see your point. How about this?
> -------
> Template: mantis/webserver
> Type: boolean
> Default: true
> _Description: Configure Apache2 as your web server?

I'm not fond of *your* webserver. It's also not completely obvious
that the question stands for configuring Apache2 for being used *with
Mantis* and not a general question about setting Apache up (which
might be confusing if Mantis is installed along with other packages).

I'd go for "Configure Apache2 as webserver for Mantis?"

>  A pre-existing Apache2 installation can automatically be configured
>  to use Mantis by creating links in /etc/apache2/conf.d/. Select
>  true if you would like Apache2 configured for you. If you select
>  false, a web server will not be configured during this installation
>  process and you will have to preform this task yourself.

Don't use "select true" or "select false". Depending on the debconf
interface, the user may be prompted with somethign else.

"Choose this option if you would like...."

"If you don't choose this option, no web server will be configured..."

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