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Re: [RFR] templates://slbackup-php/{templates}

Justin B Rye schrieb am Sunday, den 03. June 2007:

> Christian Perrier wrote:
> > Your review should be sent as an answer to this mail.
> One comment on the template, but not one that leads to a new change:
> > Template: slbackup-php/use-ssl
> > Type: boolean
> > Default: false
> > _Description: Activate SSL support in slbackup-php?
> >  Please note that SSL is needed to connect to the slbackup-php server.
> >  Activating it is therefore strongly recommended.
> >  . 
> >  However, SSL should also be activated in the web server which will not
> >  be done even by choosing this option.
> It seems to be saying that I absolutely must answer "yes" for the
> package to be useful, and that no other packages will be affected by
> my decision.  So why ask?  And particularly, why default to "false"?
Since we depend here on mod_ssl and mod_rewrite and not every user/sysadmin
wants to have it activated by default without knowing anything about this. 
Do you know if there are web apps which doesn't work properly with
mod_rewrite on? I don't know. 
I discussed that with white (white@debian.org) about one month ago and after
the discussion he shared my opinion that it would be better to default to
false and to ask here. 
So we really think over this :) (the discussion took ~2 hours)


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