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Re: [Pkg-fonts-bugs] ITP: hinting-viewer - tool to view font outline hinting

> The problem fixed in the above seems unrelated to the missing leading
> article.  I can understand why leading articles in the short
> description are bad (screws sorting and wastes limited space) but why
> avoid them in the long description?

Indeed a matter of personal taste. I'm not really fond of packages
saying "A this for doing that..." as a beginning for their

Still on matter of personal taste, I prefer:

"Foo is a this for doing that..."

This allows giving the official project name (sometimes with its
official spelling, such as "MySQL", "SquirrelMail", etc.) as well as
using a full sentence with a verb.

As far as my understanding goes, "A this for doing that" is not a
complete sentence as it's missing a leading verb. At least in French,
such incomplete sentences without a "verbe principal" are to be
avoided in written language.

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