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Re: Add a standardized comment to udeb packages description?

On Saturday 14 April 2007 08:17, Christian Perrier wrote:
> The following comes from discussions in dle when we proofread the
> debconf templates and package description of udev.
> James suggests that packages prodicing udebs should add a comment
> explaining that udebs should not be installed on normal systems. What
> do you think of this proposal?

As Steve already said, I don't feel there is any real risk that udebs will 
get installed on a normal system as you'd have to add a really twisted 
line in your sources.list to get them.

Also, packages.d.o already includes a huge warning with each udeb; see for 

So I also don't see any need to standardize such a warning in the package 
descriptions. It would just be a lot of work that does not any real 


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