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Re: Add a standardized comment to udeb packages description?

> So I also don't see any need to standardize such a warning in the package 
> descriptions. It would just be a lot of work that does not any real 
> value.

Please note that this would happen during a review that already
happens anyway (while we reviewn packages' debconf templates, we also
review the packages' descriptions in debian/control).

While, strictly speaking, the value added by a mention that a given
package is a udeb is low, every package that produces a udeb includes
a decription of that udeb in debian/control.

This of course implies mentioning that the package is a ubde.

So, indeed, the proposal is to make such descriptions consistent.

From Steve and Frans comments, it is clear that it is not very
interesting to explain things in detail. However, I still feel that a
small comment like the one I proposed earlier is still worth it.

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