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Add a standardized comment to udeb packages description?

The following comes from discussions in dle when we proofread the
debconf templates and package description of udev.

James suggests that packages prodicing udebs should add a comment
explaining that udebs should not be installed on normal systems. What
do you think of this proposal?

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On (12/04/07 13:05), Christian Perrier wrote:
> Please find, for review, the debconf templates of udev.
> - the hotplug package and requires a kernel not older than 2.6.12.
> + the hotplug package and requires a 2.6.12 or later kernel.

I think it should be "requires a version 2.6.12 or later kernel"

>   .
>   This is a minimal version for use in debian-installer.

Should we start adding "This package should not be installed on a normal
system" to udebs?



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