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Re: Review of package descriptions and debconf templates

First, thanks for all these corrections. I'll only answer to the few
things needing to.

Le mer 14/05/2003 à 19:21, Anthony DeRobertis a écrit :
> First off, a general rant: A potential game player probably doesn't 
> care that frozen-bubble is written in perl, or that it uses SDL. Yet, 
> those are both featured very prominently in the description of all the 
> frozen-bubble packages.


> May I suggest: "Frozen Bubble [I don't think that hyphen belongs there; 
> it's just to keep dpkg happy in the package name; if upstream uses the 
> hyphen, leave it there] is a clone [you could say "perl version" here 

The name most frequently used upstream is "Frozen-Bubble", so I think
I'll stick to that.

> No space before exclamation marks.

Oh, the infamous French typographic rules...

> "Frozen Bubble: The game widely rumored to be responsible for delaying 
> Woody."

How about "This game is often held responsible for the delays in woody's
release." ?

> > This package contains the sound files, graphics, levels and music for
> > Frozen-Bubble.
> Errmmm --- I thought the music was in fb-music-* Why is this package 
> split off, anyway?

True for the music. The package is split as it is very large and
arch-independent, while frozen-bubble is arch-dependent (there are some
parts written in C).

> > Package: gnome-themes-extras 0+20030512-1
> > Various themes for Gnome 2
> > This is a metapackage providing some nice contributed themes for the
> > GNOME desktop, most of them using vector icons for rendering.
> metapackage? Does that mean that it only had Depends: and no actual 
> contents? If so, what's with the weird version, and why isn't it 
> Debian-native?

It uses the version of upstream's gnome-themes-extras. I build it with
the packages in this source, as all the packages it depends on except
one come from gnome-themes-extras.

> > Package: gtk2-engines-wasp 0+20030512-1
> > A BeOS theme for GTK+ 2.x and nautilus
> GTK2, Nautilus, and Metacity

Yes, maybe I have to stick to a coherent description of what can be

> > be smooth, fast, and highly configurable, to the point that it could
> > eventually be capable of mimicking most, if not all, major theme 
> > engines
> > to high degree of acuracy, while still retaining a small footprint.
> I don't know what this package does; I can't suggest a better 
> description. But, since I've read the description, and still have no 
> idea what this package does, I'm sure it needs a better description.

I didn't have a better idea when packaging it, so I sticked to the
upstream description. I will try to rework it.

> > Package: gtk2-engines-nuvola 0+20030512-1
> > The blue style surf for GTK+ 2.x and nautilus
> Blue surf style, maybe?

This is upstream's naming. Depends if prefer to surf with a blue style,
or to use the style of a blue surf...

> Also, some description of what the theme looks like (and maybe a URL 
> with screenshots) would be nice. See Policy §5.3, again.

I don't have screenshots for all of them, but I will upload some, this
is a good idea.

> > Package: gtk2-engines-galaxy 0+20030512-1
> > Mandrake's theme for GTK+ 2.x and nautilus
> > This is the Galaxy theme for GTK/Gnome from Mandrake Linux. Some nice
> GNOME. And please describe the thing some more: Our good friend §5.3 
> beckons once more.

This one is really not easy to describe. It is smooth and beautiful,
uses several color tones and gives a nice overall result, but nothing
else than a screenshot can help. It's like for the BeOS theme: if you
don't know what Mandrake (resp. BeOS) looks like, the description
doesn't help.

> And is this really a GTK2 theme, or some more Nautilus icons?

The stock icons apply to all GTK2 applications, and a theme using the
cleanice engine and these icons is provided.

> This note will be displayed to the administrator of the machine. Yet, 
> it is the users who will chose that particular theme, and the users who 
> must restart their GTK2 apps. This note really needs to be displayed in 
> the theme picker. Is that possible?

This would mean some gross hackery, i.e. using the config script for
something else than debconf. Currently, it is displayed only in the case
the script is sure there are GTK2 applications currently running, and
the SVG loader is not installed.

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