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Re: Review of package descriptions and debconf templates

On Wednesday, May 14, 2003, at 04:06 AM, Josselin Mouette wrote:

First off, a general rant: A potential game player probably doesn't care that frozen-bubble is written in perl, or that it uses SDL. Yet, those are both featured very prominently in the description of all the frozen-bubble packages.

May I suggest: "Frozen Bubble [I don't think that hyphen belongs there; it's just to keep dpkg happy in the package name; if upstream uses the hyphen, leave it there] is a clone [you could say "perl version" here if you really want to use the word perl] [free is redundant; it's in main, though you could leave it in if you want to] of the popular game Puzzle Bobble, in which you attempt to shoot bubbles into groups of the same color to cause them to pop. Single-player mode and two-player mode are both available.

[ I guess I should of used footnotes there. Naturally, include nothing between the brackets.]

Also, some people are going to tell you to drop the caps at the start of the short descriptions --- but I'll leave that flame war to them :-)

Package: fb-music-high 0.1
High quality music files for frozen-bubble

High-quality, large.... [Not sure about the hyphen there.]

I think adding in large is a good idea, because that's the only reason someone would pick the low-quality music.

This package contains the high quality version of the musics needed
within the game. They feature 16-bit samples, leading to higher quality
output, to the price of being about two times larger.

This package contains high [no the] quality music for Frozen Bubble [new paragraph, use the proper noun again]. The 16-bit samples used sound better than the 8-bit ones in fb-music-low, but are about twice as large.

Package: fb-music-low 1.0.0-3
Low quality music files for frozen-bubble

Lower quality, but small, ....

This package contains the low quality version of the musics needed
within the game.

This package contains low-quality music for Frozen Bubble. The 8-bit samples used don't sound as good as the 16-bit ones in fb-music-high, but are about half the size.

Package: frozen-bubble 1.0.0-3
Pop out the bubbles !

No space before exclamation marks.

The game mainly consists of firing randomly chosen bubbles across the
board. If a bubble hits a clump of at least 2 bubbles of the same color,

"two". Spell out numbers ten or less. Also, "two or more" is another option, instead of "at least two."

they all pop. The goal is to pop all the bubbles on the board as quickly
as possible.

You WANT this game.

"Frozen Bubble: The game widely rumored to be responsible for delaying Woody."

Package: frozen-bubble-data 1.0.0-3
Data files for Frozen-Bubble

This package contains the sound files, graphics, levels and music for

Errmmm --- I thought the music was in fb-music-* Why is this package split off, anyway?

Package: gnome-themes-extras 0+20030512-1
Various themes for Gnome 2
This is a metapackage providing some nice contributed themes for the
GNOME desktop, most of them using vector icons for rendering.

metapackage? Does that mean that it only had Depends: and no actual contents? If so, what's with the weird version, and why isn't it Debian-native?

If that is what it means, I think XFree86 has some similar packages; steal a description from one of them.

Package: gtk2-engines-wasp 0+20030512-1
A BeOS theme for GTK+ 2.x and nautilus

GTK2, Nautilus, and Metacity

This theme makes your Gnome desktop look like the BeOS system. It


includes nice scalable icons resembling those of BeOS, and a matching
theme for GTK+ and metacity.


Package: gtk2-engines-smooth 0+20030512-1
The smooth engine for GTK+ 2.x
The smooth GTK2 Theme Engine is a simple GTK2 theme engine intended to

Make up your mind! It's either GTK2 or GTK+ 2.x.

be smooth, fast, and highly configurable, to the point that it could
eventually be capable of mimicking most, if not all, major theme engines
to high degree of acuracy, while still retaining a small footprint.

I don't know what this package does; I can't suggest a better description. But, since I've read the description, and still have no idea what this package does, I'm sure it needs a better description.

To quote Debian Policy, §5.3, "The description is intended to describe the program to a user who has never met it before so that they know whether they want to install it."

Package: gtk2-engines-nuvola 0+20030512-1
The blue style surf for GTK+ 2.x and nautilus

Blue surf style, maybe?

This is and adaptation of the Nuvola theme from David Vignoni for use
with GTK/Gnome. It includes the Smooth GTK+ engine, scalable icons for
applications and nautilus, and a matching metacity theme.

This is an [not and] adaptation of David Vignoni's Nuvola theme for use
with GTK and GNOME. It includes scalable icons for applications and Nautilus
and a matching Metacity theme.

Also, some description of what the theme looks like (and maybe a URL with screenshots) would be nice. See Policy §5.3, again.

Package: gtk2-engines-galaxy 0+20030512-1
Mandrake's theme for GTK+ 2.x and nautilus
This is the Galaxy theme for GTK/Gnome from Mandrake Linux. Some nice

GNOME. And please describe the thing some more: Our good friend §5.3 beckons once more.

scalable icons for nautilus are provided as well.

Package: gtk2-engines-gorilla 0+20030512-1
A yellow vector theme for GTK+ 2.x
This GTK+ theme provides a nice-looking GTK/Gnome desktop using vector
icons of yellow tones, which can be resized at will. This package will
be especially useful to owners of low-end hardware (as SVG icons are
rendered much faster than PNG ones) or high resolution displays.

This GTK2 theme provides a GNOME desktop with yellow-toned [tinted?] vector icons. This is especially useful for low-end hardware, since the SVG vector icons render much faster than PNG equivalents, or for high-resolution displays.

And is this really a GTK2 theme, or some more Nautilus icons?

It also includes a matching GTK 1.x theme.

Template: gtk2-engines/restart_gtk_apps_for_svg
Type: note
Description: Handling of GTK+/Gnome themes using SVG
 You are installing one or several GTK2 themes using SVG icons, and
 the SVG loader is not currently installed. It is OK, but you have to
 restart your applications using GTK+ or Gnome after installation so
 that the icons display correctly. Without that, the theme will just
 look bad.

This note will be displayed to the administrator of the machine. Yet, it is the users who will chose that particular theme, and the users who must restart their GTK2 apps. This note really needs to be displayed in the theme picker. Is that possible?

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