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Re: Bug#260632: aptitude: dutch translation wrong/broken for src/download.cc:449

On Thu, Jul 22, 2004 at 07:03:17AM +0200, Christian Perrier wrote:
> #260632 is a recent bug reported about aptitude dutch translation, by
> Luk Claes.
> Dutch team, can you handle this ?

> The translation for message "Ack! Something bad happened while
> installing packages. Trying to recover:" is wrong. 

Indeed. Should be

"Bevestigd! Er is iets ergs gebeurd bij het installeren van pakketten. Er
wordt geprobeerd van te herstellen:"

The text as it appears now was a joke from me in a review of the
original text as Luk wrote it; he made a typo (forgot the "s" at the end
of "iets"), which happens to be a word in the Antwerp dialect.

The text has no business in the final translation; apparently Luk didn't
understand that I had meant it as a joke.

> Quoting Wim De Smet (fragmeat@yucom.be):
> > No, it's simply not standardised dutch. Maybe some local dialect, I
> > don't know for sure. Possibly some dialect from Antwerp.

Well, the first sentence is indeed the Antwerp dialect. Luk wrote the
second sentence, and he's from Gent, I believe.


Wouter (who'll be more careful with jokes in the future)

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