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Re: Bug#232116: Use be2-latin1 as default for BE (instead of be-latin1)?

Quoting Wouter Verhelst (wouter@grep.be):

> > Which is preferred?
> The be-latin1 variant just lacks some keys that are listed on the
> keyboard. In fact, be2-latin1 is a very simple keymap. Without the
> comments, this is be2-latin1:

According to your comments, I think it's time to declare be-latin1
obsolete and just use be2-latin1.

I have made a similar bug report to kbd-chooser so that it does not
show fr-latin1 anymore but only fr-latin9 as possible French keyboard.

Having two possible keyboards is for sure confusing to newbies. This
is why I first made the suggestion to kbd-chooser : console-data
probably needs to keep the old obsoleted keymaps for backwards
compatibility when upgrading a system which uses them, however,
kbd-chooser in the Installer should not give the opportunity to chosoe
these obsoleted keymaps.

For your belgian keyboards, you could even suggest that console-data
postinst replaces be-latin1 by be2-latin1 as the latter is just a
superset of the former....(more mappings and no different mappings) if
I have well understood.

And in any cases, the "translation" of "be-latin1" in Dutch (and
french?) should be something like "Belgian (obsolete)" while
be2-latin1 should be "Belgian (recommended)".

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