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retitle 232116 to use be-latin1 for nl_BE

reassign 232116 console-data

> retitle 232116 use be-latin1 for nl_BE
Bug#232116: success, but a partitioning problem (and some Dutch translation remarks)
Changed Bug title.

IIRC, the default keyboard for a given locale is managed in
console-data, then reassigning.

On the other hand, I think the Dutch team should have the final word
on the appropriate keyboard for "Dutch in Belgium" just like what was
done for "Dutch in The Netherlands".....

Please, as usual, remember this is not an option for geeks. Please try
to focus on which keyboard is mostly used *in Belgium* by "normal"
users in the Dutch-speaking part of the country (Wallons may use
something else). Which ones are sold at Auchaneke or Carrefoureke, for

As usual, please post your conclusions to 232116

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