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Re: retitle 232116 to use be-latin1 for nl_BE

Christian Perrier <bubulle@debian.org> wrote:
> reassign 232116 console-data
> thanks
> > retitle 232116 use be-latin1 for nl_BE
> Bug#232116: success, but a partitioning problem (and some Dutch translation remarks)
> Changed Bug title.
> IIRC, the default keyboard for a given locale is managed in
> console-data, then reassigning.
> On the other hand, I think the Dutch team should have the final word
> on the appropriate keyboard for "Dutch in Belgium" just like what was
> done for "Dutch in The Netherlands".....
> Please, as usual, remember this is not an option for geeks. Please try
> to focus on which keyboard is mostly used *in Belgium* by "normal"
> users in the Dutch-speaking part of the country (Wallons may use
> something else). Which ones are sold at Auchaneke or Carrefoureke, for
> instance...:-)
Hey Christian,

in belgium most people use a 104/05 azerty keyboard.
be-latin1 seems to work for it.

> As usual, please post your conclusions to 232116
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mtop looks like the revolution!

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