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Use be2-latin1 as default for BE (instead of be-latin1)?

retitle 232116 Use be2-latin1 as default for BE (instead of be-latin1)?

I have copied the bit below from the history of this report.
The current default for nl_BE _is_ be-latin1, so the question seems to be: 
should the default be switched to be2-latin1?

> > > > I disagree, it should be be2-latin1. be-latin1 is incomplete, IMO.
> > > 
> > > What's the default now and are people happy with it?
> > 
> > AFAIK, nobody uses be-latin1, except, as I found out this week, on
> > RedHat, where be2-latin1 has been merged into be-latin1, and where
> > 'our' be-latin1 doesn't even exist anymore. Perhaps that's not a bad
> > idea.
> > 
> > The difference between be2-latin1 and be-latin1 is that be2-latin1
> > actually gives the characters as they appear on the keyboard, while
> > be-latin1 does nothing more than an approximation. This has bitten so
> > many people, that it's one of the oldest entries in the
> > be.comp.os.linux FAQ...
> > 
> The default now is be-latin1, you should probably change it to
> be2-latin1 then.

Both layouts are available when I run 'dpkg-reconfigure console-data'
Choosing 'azerty -> Belgian -> Standard' gives two choices:
- Alternate (maps to be2-latin1)
- Standard (maps to be-latin1)
('Alternate' is listed first; does this indicate preference?)

Does anyone on the d-l10n-dutch list have experiences with both variants?
Which is preferred?
Do all Belgian azerty keyboards have identical layouts or are there 
variations? If any, which of the two maps supports all variations best?


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