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Re: Fwd: Re: update of Debian consultants web page

Dne út 21. června 2005 12:31 Thomas Huriaux napsal(a):
> Hi again,
> Thomas Huriaux <thomas.huriaux@kti.ae.poznan.pl> (14/06/2005):
> > Patrick Gerken, a Debian consultant, sent information in many languages,
> > including Czech, but he said this language was not up to date.
> > Can you please check it and add the updated version under
> > czech/consultants/credativ.wml (with the correct translation-check
> > header, of course).
> Nobody to tell me which is the number to update ?
> With my few knowledges in Polish, I would guess it is only
> "tři vývojáře" that has to be changed, but I don't know how.

Yep, you'd quessed right. 

"tři vývojáře" should be changed to "osm vývojářů"

Rest of the article seems OK, except URI, in English version is at the end 
http://www.credativ.co.uk/, but in Czech translation  

Best Regards
Ondřej Čečák

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