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Re: Patch for knoppix-mkimage

Klaus Knopper wrote:
> If your next question would be "How can I help?", you could make a list
> (or start a wiki/poll for this) of software that can be removed from the
> DVD version in order to fit on a CD (we need to get down to below 2GB
> uncompressed size). Finding out what to keep probably the most difficult
> task.

it would be helpfull if you would publish the *actual*[0] list of
packages you're installing in knoppix; the complete package list (i.e.
the output of dpkg -l) is unmaintainable as it includes depends and
recommends of the actual packages as well.

[0] http://lists.debian.org/debian-knoppix/2006/09/msg00000.html

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