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Patch for knoppix-mkimage

Hi all,

Today I used Knoppix-5.3.1 for a while and then decided to create a persistent 
KNOPPIX disk image.

My first attempt failed with an error message from rsync that there is no 
space left on the device. I tried increasing the disk image size again and 
again but it did not help. Then I noticed that the path names in the rsync 
error message became longer and longer and looked like an endless recursion. 
At this point in time I started to investigate this issue a little more...

knoppix-mkimage mounts the disk image to /tmp/knxhome and uses this directory 
as the destination when rsync'ing /ramdisk. There is one central issue 
here: /tmp/knxhome is a subdirectory of /ramdisk. So basically, you are 
rsyncing a directory to one of its own subdirectories. In previous versions 
of Knoppix this was probably not really a problem, because older versions of 
rsync first get a complete file-list and then start to copy files. But, since 
version 3.0 rsync uses a feature called "incremental file-list recursion". It 
just looks up some files, transfers them, looks up the next bunch of files, 
etc. Now you probably see the problem: When /ramdisk contains much more files 
than rsync catches with its first file-list creation round and rsync finally 
reaches /ramdisk/tmp/knxhome it considers the already copied files as new 
files to be copied. Eternal recursion starts and the universe collapses. :-)

You can reproduce this bug by booting Knoppix, creating a lot of files in your 
home directory (i.e. surf the web for a while, install some software packages 
or unpack some source packages) and try creating the persistent disk image.

I fixed this bug by using /tmp_knxhome as mount point for the disk image (see 
attached patch). I am not a l33t shell script h4xor, not at all. I don't know 
if I did everything right. Please take a look.


--- knoppix-mkimage.original	2008-04-26 08:13:58.498639618 +0200
+++ knoppix-mkimage	2008-04-26 08:17:03.212588966 +0200
@@ -346,14 +346,16 @@
 # Start progress display and copy data
 gauge "$MESSAGE9" &
 mke2fs -m0 "$LOOPDEV" 2>"$TMP.err" || { killgauge; $DIALOG --cr-wrap --title "$TITLE1" --msgbox "$ERROR `cat $TMP.err`" 10 75; bailout; }
-mkdir -p /tmp/knxhome
-mount -t ext2 "$LOOPDEV" /tmp/knxhome 2>"$TMP.err" && rsync --exclude /ramdisk/var/tmp/ --exclude /ramdisk/etc/mtab --exclude /etc/mtab -Ha /ramdisk/ /tmp/knxhome 2>"$TMP.err" || { umount /tmp/knxhome 2>/dev/null; killgauge; $DIALOG --cr-wrap --title "$TITLE1" --msgbox "$ERROR `cat $TMP.err`" 10 75; bailout; }
+mkdir -p $MOUNT_POINT
+mount -t ext2 "$LOOPDEV" $MOUNT_POINT 2>"$TMP.err" && rsync --exclude /ramdisk/var/tmp/ --exclude /ramdisk/etc/mtab --exclude /etc/mtab -Ha /ramdisk/ $MOUNT_POINT 2>"$TMP.err" || { umount $MOUNT_POINT 2>/dev/null; killgauge; $DIALOG --cr-wrap --title "$TITLE1" --msgbox "$ERROR `cat $TMP.err`" 10 75; bailout; }
 # Save knoppix.sh script ?
 # Rather add some links in the network/printer configuration scripts that go to the pesistent homedir.
 # Finish
-umount /tmp/knxhome
+umount $MOUNT_POINT
 [ -n "$LOOPDEV" ] && losetup -d "$LOOPDEV"
 umount "$DIRECTORY" 2>/dev/null

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