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Re: Expert mode == Kernel panic?

Hi all,

>  There are filebin.ca and imagebin.ca sister sites where you could
>  upload an image and provide a link towards. I just shamelessly took
>  the opportunity to plug the pastebin command. It's so much neater on
>  forums and stuff :)

Thank you for the info...

I would be really, really glad if we could stop sidetracking for a short while 
and come back to my initial question. This is the official Knoppix mailing 
list, so in theory it should be possible that someone on this list could:
1) boot knoppix with the boot option "expert"
2) choose to autoprobe SCSI modules
3) do not load additional modules from floppy
4) check, if there is a kernel panic

Anyone? I just want to know if I am doing something terribly wrong or if there 
is a bug in the latest and greatest version of Knoppix that needs to be 

Thank you all.


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