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Re: Please, help Linus install Debian!

Le 26 Juillet 2007 03:11, Martin Steigerwald a écrit :
> Am Donnerstag 26 Juli 2007 schrieb Gilles Pelletier:
> > Le 25 Juillet 2007 18:06, vous avez écrit :
> >
> > But I believe I'll stop the discussion here. Otherwise, I'm
> > afraid that, instead of copy-pasting the FROM field of one of my
> > messages in his mail filter, Sir Eddelbuettel will sent tons of
> > relevant messages to explain that I'm "simply wasting everybody's
> > time here". You know how some Debian experts have to get their
> > point through...
> Hi Gilles,
> Well, I actually do think that there is *lots* of room for
> improvement regarding usability and userfriendlyness in Linux and
> open source desktop environments. But I do not think that Linux
> stands bad in comparison with Windows.

I have used or installed Windows for 6 years, so I can't tell how easy 
it is to install now, but the fact is that, as you explained, it's 
usually installed when computers are bought. So Linux has to do 

> And thus where you have concrete suggestions I recommend you to
> file bug reports and contact the developers of the relevant
> packages directly. For many things it may even be better to contact
> the upstream developers directly, cause thats where Debian
> developers get their sources from.

I've contibuted a lot to development, both commercial and shareware, 
when I was using Windows. A few months later, I saw the results 
coming in. I NEVER had such an experience with Linux's bugzilla maze. 
So I quited.

The bugzilla nightmare is complete nonsense. Look at how Klaus 
operates. He doesn't have alpha19, beta21, RC17 releases. Somehow, he 
seems to know when it works. He doesn't need to feel the presence of 
testers in order to make things clean.

Some software is so awkward that I get the feeling that their 
developers don't use their own software. What's the use of writing to 
explain bugs then?

I write only to developers who get their act together. That's not a 
lot. Klaus is pretty much the only one. And there's not much to 
complain about. For now, I would just like the product to be 
completed for newbies use. I don't believe anybody else will do this 

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